I believe that the best moments happen when no-one is looking at the camera.

I like to offer my families variety so, during the course of a photo shoot, I will make sure that we capture a wide range of expressions and “poses” (I use quotation marks as I don’t ever truly pose people, unless we are aiming for formal portraits). Some of these will include the classic “everyone looking at the camera and smiling”. But I play favourites with my photos, and will always favour those images where the photographer is an afterthought rather than the protagonist.

I love seeing my families absorbed into one another. When you’re looking at each other, any feeling of self-consciousness fades, and what is left is what you will want to remember – the unique connection that you have with one another. I met this lovely young family last weekend on a photo shoot in Newbury. Mum confessed to me that she is not the biggest fan of having her photo taken (and let’s face it – don’t most of us feel that way?).

However, what she was really, really good at, was connecting with her beautiful twins and husband. This photo session was made up of many moments such as this one – pictures of love and laughter, hilarious and heartwarming family sandwiches (as I like to call them!) and unscripted nose-kisses. Portraits like these are precisely why I love photographing families with young children, and why no two shoots are ever the same.

Thank you to the wonderful L family, for going with the flow and just being yourselves 🙂

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