When you grow up near the sea, you can never get it out of your heart or mind, no matter where you go! I try and spend as much time near the sea as the weather allows each year, because it helps me bring back balance and calm, especially during the busy work season.  So when this family requested family portraits on the beach, I could not have said YES any faster! I just knew we were all in for a treat on our day out at West Wittering beach, and it would be well worth the journey out there.

We started early to beat the crowds and catch the best light. After a night of heavy rain we were a little worried about the grey skies on the horizon. But as it is often the case near the sea, the weather changed quite quickly and we were gifted with some truly magical sunlight and gorgeous blue waves on a near-empty beach. We could not have hoped for a more romantic and colourful backdrop for these family portraits.

The children had a fabulous time running along the shore, playing with a kite, exploring the multicoloured beach huts lined up along the seafront and generally goofing around the way that children do at the seaside! There wasn’t a dry item of clothing left on them by the time we were done 🙂 But guess what – nobody minded one bit, judging by the smiles all round!

Here is a collection of my favourite images from the day. I hope they inspire you to think of the sea for your next family photo session!