child portrait with dandelions
family outdoors in St Catherine's Hill Winchester
autumn portrait of family with young child
toddler on skateboard

Family photo shoots on location or outdoors can be a lot of fun. With the right local knowledge and a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless.

This type of photo session is ideal when:

  • …Your children are of sitting age and older;
  • …You have a specific place close to your heart, and you know it would be the perfect backdrop for your portraits;
  • …You are visiting from abroad, and would like a memento of your holiday;
  • …You are an outdoorsy or activity-orientated family, and would like to be captured doing something you love (e.g. surfing, skating, trampolining..!)
  • …You (like me!) are in love with the colours of the seasons.

(Undecided? Check out my family portrait portfolio to see what photography style catches your eye the most!)

Between the months of March and November, I often photograph children and families outdoors. Where we shoot depends on the above, especially the age of the children in the family, as some activities and places will be better suited to certain age groups. And the fun doesn’t have to stop when the weather turns, either! There are also plenty of opportunities outside of your home when it is too cold to be outside.

My promise to you is that your location portraits will be creative and unique. Wherever possible, I will recommend location ideas that go beyond the local park – with so many exciting places all around us, why go where everyone else is? A skate park, the beach, a historic ruin, a museum, an indoors market, a field of wildflowers no-one else knows about…  All are brilliant choices for family portraits unlike everyone else’s.

As for the details of the session itself, here are some things that usually will happen:

  • Someone will laugh, a lot.
  • Someone will get muddy.
  • Someone (usually me) will make silly jokes and nearly drop their camera while goofing around.
  • Someone (usually the children) will not want for it to end.
  • Someone (usually you) will remark how enjoyable the day was – almost unexpectedly so.

If the above sounds like a good fit for your family, do get in touch, either by giving me a call on 07941 355027, or by completing the handy little form below.

I can suggest location ideas all around London, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Do check with me if your county is not listed – I am always happy to travel further afield (though a small travel charge may apply).


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girl portraits in the woods
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family portrait outdoors by a bridge
child portrait with kite and blue sky