Once the days start to get warmer and longer, a beautiful scent fills the air and new buds are everywhere. This is when I traditionally restart taking my clients outside for their Spring family photoshoots.

Late March onwards is a perfect time to get outside. Not only is it warmer and brighter, but it’s fun for children to observe and explore the natural world around them springing back to life. My photographer’s eye loves using the new blooms on the trees as a backdrop, as they melt into the foreground and background into a divine explosion of pastels.

Portrait of a boy in the spring blossom in Kew Gardens

Children and Family Photography at London’s Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (aka Kew Gardens!) are an inspired location at most times of the year, but particularly in Springtime. With their unrivalled variety of floral shrubbery and fruit trees, they are one of the most photogenic and easily accessible locations near London. So, when this lovely family got in touch for their yearly portrait session, I suggested Kew Gardens, as I knew it would be perfect for them. We hadn’t yet done a Spring family photoshoot together, so we seized the perfect moment!

We were looking for lots of seasonal colour, space to roam away from the crowd, and, importantly, a substantial display of camellias, a flower holding particular meaning to Mum.

Even though the day we visited was quite a busy one (it always is!), there were plenty of nooks for us to explore and for the children to run around. There were trees to climb, paths to run along and many, many colourful blooms to admire – and be photographed near to 🙂

Spring family photoshoot in London

Candid Family Portraits in the Park

Having photographed this family many times before, I know how much they enjoy informal and candid shots!  It’s hands down the best way to capture all those spontaneous expressions from the children and the perfect way to get them engaged in the session. 

It was our first time shooting outside with the youngest little lady as she took some of her first solo steps – which made the shoot even more special.

 We started out on the Camellia walk, which was absolutely resplendent with pinks and reds.

baby portraits outdoors in the spring
Spring family photoshoot in London
Spring baby photography Winchester

As it got busier, we moved on to some of the more open areas, where we had the opportunity to go for a game of chase  

and admire the yellow daffodils springing pretty much everywhere!

Child portraits with Dad Basingstoke<br />
Child portraits with Dad Basingstoke<br />
Spring family portraits Hampshire

As we winded our way around the paths of the park, we finally stopped at the cherry and apple trees patch. The canopies of many of these trees were low, so close to the ground that they 

formed a perfect backdrop for the children as they stood, and for the family to capture some cute group shots!

We always make a point of capturing some couple portraits of Mum and Dad together, too – something that often gets neglected once little ones come along.

Children's portraits in the Spring blooms London
cherry blossom baby portraits
cherry blossom baby portraits

By this point, the children were starting to get a little tired and ready for snacks, so it was time to wind down the session. 

But not before one last climb up the big oak tree which may not necessarily have been oak, but it was certainly imposing and impressive and eminently climbable!

portraits in the park Surrey and Hampshire
Spring family photoshoot in London

Booking a Spring Family Photoshoot

Springtime is a popular time for photo sessions. After being cooped up for a long winter, it’s so freeing to be outside again for children in particular. These are some of my most requested sessions, and I am always happy to recommend locations with interesting and colourful displays. Kew Gardens near London is a great choice for Spring family photoshoots, as well as RHS Garden Wisley near Guildford, in Surrey.

Please note – both locations require permits, and I can arrange these on your behalf prior to our session. Free-to-visit locations are also available across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey; we will discuss all your options and preferences at our pre-session consultation.

If you like my style and these images speak to you, I would love to hear from you. I can create a completely bespoke set of portraits just for you and your family, and it’s easier than you think. The first step? Just drop me a line.

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