Portraits at home

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Family Photo Sessions at Home

A family photo shoot in the comfort of your own home is a great alternative to a studio or outdoor session. It is the ideal solution when…

  • Your baby is very new or simply loves his/her routine, and travelling would cause too much disruption, or…
  • You want your family portraits to be very personal and intimate, or…
  • You have a home with special design or period features, and you would like to incorporate these in your portraits, or…
  • It’s raining or too cold to be outside!


family photo shoots at home

Your space tells your story

I am always excited to shoot in my clients’ homes.  Everyone always looks so happy and in their element. The children are free to come and go as they please, and no-one ever feels under pressure to perform for the photographer.

It’s also great to capture how each family live their space. Your home features all those personal touches that tell me about your life, your passions and your personality. Storytelling comes so naturally when we’re sharing that space.

And life changes so fast… One day you may be in another home, another city, even another country, and you’ll look back on these images at home as a unique reminder of the happy years your family spent there.

Your space is versatile

Whatever the size or location of your home, we can create great portraits inside it. We will decide together which rooms are most suitable for your session, depending on the layout and the amount of natural light. Gardens, living rooms, master bedrooms and nurseries are always great candidates, but on occasion we may go for something a bit different and even use the kitchen or bathroom!

Occasionally, we may need to move furniture around a bit, to create a suitable shooting space or access the best available light. But don’t worry – I’ll help you put it all back where it was before I leave 🙂

Depending on the ages of your children, I will spend approximately 1.5-4 hours with you (newborn sessions being the longest). You brew the coffee, I’ll bring the biscuits!

home family portraits in winchester
family photo shoots at home

Wherever you may be

I regularly visit my clients in the Basingstoke and North Hampshire area, and further afield – including Newbury, Winchester, Southampton, Reading and London. Drop me a line using the form below to check availability.

(And if you’re outside of my area, let’s talk!  I can and do travel nationally and internationally for my sessions.)