Newborn at home photography? Yes please. All day long. This type of photo session is perfect in its simplicity.

This is when I come to you, bringing all I need for our shoot. All you need to do, is be home !

It’s ideal for parents, because it doesn’t involve packing, travel, or juggling around schedules. It even fits around home working.

It works well for babies, because they don’t have to leave the familiar sights and sounds of their home. This leads to settled, happy babies that take their photoshoot in their stride.

And it is perfect for me, your photographer, because you’ll be more comfortable and happy in your space, and your photos will reflect this. Also, I love variety and the creative challenge of shooting in a different location! I love creating a set of portraits that is unique to you, and you alone.


newborn at home photography

Newborn Photoshoot at Home in Wimbledon

This newborn photoshoot took place at the family’s home in Wimbledon on quite a wet day. It was good to have relieved the family of the travelling duty. Baby M was well-rested and happy as I arrived – we were pretty much good to start.

He had just turned eight weeks, which is one of my absolute favourite ages to photograph. He was absolutely full of expressions, with smiles big and small, amazing eye contact with Mum and Dad (and the camera!) and oodles of stamina. And that HAIR! Holy Batman I love his hair.

newborn photoshoot London

Being slightly older, he was naturally more alert than your average tiny baby. He was asleep as we started, but once he woke he stayed awake! He was completely chilled, which means we were able to capture a lot of eye contact and connection shots.

Using Natural Light for Newborn Portraits

 Natural light is always my preference for newborn at home photography shoots.

Because the day was quite dark, it was at times more challenging to “find the light”. This is a common occurrence, especially in the winter months, so I am quite used to working around this.

fortunately, the home was naturally bright and designed to maximise natural light (absolutely love this!), so find it we did!

We started out in the nursery, capturing some very intimate and loving moments between Mum, Dad and baby.

newborn family portraits
mum and newborn portrait

We then moved to the master bedroom, which is always one of my “must” places to shoot! The big bed is the ideal place for some of the cosier family photos, it always feels very natural 

to have everyone curled up on the bed like this – a scene that will play out so often in the course of the coming months (and years!)

newborn at home photography
natural baby photo

The master bedroom also had a big window and plenty of natural light, making for the perfect backdrop for some more playful interaction shots.

Newborn at home photography
newborn photoshoot at home

We also captured a few more images in the reception areas. At this point, the skies outside were almost black and I almost got my flash out (I always bring this with me if we need to supplement natural light)! But  we didn’t need to worry. Pushing my equipment a little, we were able to maximise the light we did have.

 We even managed this incredible backlit shot with Dad – I absolutely love the way they’re looking at each other, and that little baby smile that I saw so many times during the course of our session. Be honest, you would never know we had pretty much zero daylight in the room!

newborn at home photography
newborn at home photography

Baby Smiles, Love and Cute Details

We wrapped up the shoot with a few solo baby shots on the beanbag. M gave me some fantastic smiles and intense expressions.

I found this remarkable, given by that point we had been shooting for almost two hours and I thought he surely would be starting to get tired! As I said, this baby had stamina!

eight week old newborn portraits

Time for one last set of beautiful, close-up family portraits and a couple of detail shots (that hair!), and we were finished.

newborn at home photography
newborn baby details

At just over two hours, this was one of my fastest sessions to date, because there was almost no downtime. This is quite unusual as we always allow plenty of time for feeds and settling, but baby M was having none of that “tiny baby” stuff and wanted to show us all what a big boy he already was 🙂 I absolutely loved the image gallery that I created for this beautiful new family.

Booking your Newborn At Home Photography Session

The best time to book a newborn photo session is before your baby arrives – usually, after your 20-week scan. This guarantees the most flexibility and availability of dates.

However, if your baby has already arrived, it is definitely not too late as I will always do my best to accommodate last-minute sessions. 

I regularly travel to my clients’ homes for newborn photo sessions. I regularly cover Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the whole of London, and further afield.

If you like my style and these images speak to you, I would love to hear from you. I can create a completely bespoke set of portraits just for you and your family, and it’s easier than you think. The first step? Just drop me a line.

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