I am very proud to announce that I am the recipient of Bob Books’ Image of the Month Award. The theme of the  photography competition was “Wild Places”, and as soon as I saw this, I knew what my entry was going to be. This picture of my daughter was taken in Sicily, on the grounds of my family’s old summer house.

This large home on the mountains near Palermo was the background to all my summer adventures as a child. In this enchanting place, I climbed trees, picked grapes, almonds and olives and fell asleep watching the stars at night. Sadly, with many of us children moving away from Sicily, the house has been neglected and the many plants and trees have claimed back much of the place. We do still visit from time to time, and it is on one such visit with my children that we found this hidden spot, where clover grows underneath some old mulberry trees, near a patch of papyrus.  Maya sat on a fallen branch and started playing with the clovers while chatting to me. The light was perfect and the scenery straight out of a fairy tale. I held my breath, and took this picture.

Award winning photographer London

Bob Books are a provider of photo books and wall art to consumers and trade, and I often recommend them to my clients seeking to create their printed photo albums with images from their photo session.

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