I first met this beautiful family in July last year, on the occasion of their new baby Anya‘s newborn portraits. It wasn’t long before I visited them again, just before Christmas, as Anya had grown a few months older and was now the proud owner of a beaming smile that just had to be captured for posterity! Just like on their first session, I visited the family at their home in Richmond, where I met mum Maya and dad Cameron. I had not met Cameron before and it was beautiful to see just how much his children adore him. The love in the room was palpable!

I was also really happy to see big sister Priya again (I think it was mutual! 😉 ) and loved photographing her and her baby sister frolicking in their bedroom, rolling on the bed and goofing around happily. Gorgeous smiles are a family trait, as you can see!

One of my favourite parts of family sessions in the home is using the parent’s bed for big family cuddles. Priya and Anya loved playing with their Mummy and Daddy on the big bed, being hugged, tickled and made a big fuss of! We then moved to the living room for some more play time and book reading with Daddy. Just another normal, special day in the life of a happy young family.

Family and Baby Photography at Home

This type of family portrait photo shoot at home is always popular with both parents and children. There is no rush, no stress and all the familiar toys and snacks to hand in case some distraction is needed. The result? Genuine, natural family portraits that show true emotion, just like these favourites from the day. See a wide selection of my work with families, babies and children and contact me to organise your next family session at home.


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