This mother and baby photo shoot in Berkshire was a true joy. It spoke to my heart on so many levels – the nurturing, the mothering, the artistic, the photographic.

It was Mum’s desire that her baby’s first photos at 8 months should portray their bond in the most real of ways. This has always been a strong feature of my family photography and I was very proud and happy that this family chose to work with me on the strength of this.

Our session took place completely outdoors, on a summer day that coudn’t decide whether to be sunny or rainy! The sun eventually prevailed, so we were able to use the family home’s extensive grounds to capture many natural and unposed portraits. This photo shoot was simple, intimate and as close to nature as it gets. It was completely centered around baby’s personality and her relationship with Mum – it was beautiful to see how close they were. Here is just one image from this precious mother and baby photo shoot. It encapsulates the love that they share and the perfect harmony between their needs.

mother and baby nursing portrait

Photographing babies and families in a natural way is my passion. Whenever possible, I prefer to use natural light and an outdoors setting – I find this is where parents and children alike feel most comfortable and able to be themselves. Using minimal or no posing, my unobtrusive approach to family photography brings out the true nature of my subjects, young and older. If this sounds like something that you would like for your own family, I would love to hear from you. Just drop me a line or give me a call on 07941 355027 to start planning your next unique family portraits.