I love photographing my children. They are growing into such spirited and kind little people, and it is happening so quickly! My eldest has almost reached my height in what seems like a blink.

You know what they say about the cobbler’s children. It is all true. My work commitment and their extra curricular activities mean that I can rarely organise a dedicated photo shoot for them. Not to mention that, after so many years and so many sessions with mamma, they may be slightly over it all 🙂 But that’s ok – being “in the moment” with them is just as rewarding. I always keep my camera handy, and watch for those candid moments. They tell me about their developing personalities and how they interface with the world and, ultimately, these are the things I want to remember.

Today, I want to share just one picture of my youngest daughter, and tell you a little about how it came to be.

child portrait wildflowers in Hampshire

Yesterday was a rare, warm summery day. We had just come home from school and were coming up the path to the front door. I love it when she wears her red candy cane summer uniform and sun hat; it hasn’t happened that often this year as the weather has not been on our side for the most part! Now, you might notice the overgrown wildflower bush. My dear readers, I confess – I am not a keen gardener. We planted those seeds a few years back and, come the spring, the flowers literally explode into action, every year taller, stronger and… weedier. Ooops. I cannot bring myself to cut down the bush as it has become a favourite with the children (and, it seems, the local bees and assorted other buzzy creatures).

So we were on our way home, and Maya stopped to look at the orange poppies. (she’s on the lookout for ladybirds at the moment, and every flower is an opportunity). In her little summer dress and hat, talking to the insects and telling me how they’re her friends. So I did what any Mum would do – I grabbed my camera, got down to the ground, and snapped it. A perfect summer portrait of my bug-loving eight-year-old.

The Beauty of Candid Children’s Portraits

The moral of the story? Perfect, blissful moments don’t *have to* happen just on photo shoots. Slice-of-life pictures of your children at play are just as precious. You can capture them with your phone, on the fly (I often do!), to look back on when you’re having a not-so-great day. Or you could go one step further, and hire a professional photographer that can “tune into” your family life, to do that for you for a day. This family did, like many others over the years. If you would like me to create art out of your (not so) ordinary moments, give me a call on 07941 355027 or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.