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Baby Photography

Those first few months of your baby’s life fly fast. From a tiny bundle in your arms, to sitting up, all the way to the first steps – unique moments in time that come and go at incredible speed. A bespoke baby photo shoot is a perfect way to ensure that every milestone, big and small, is always remembered.

Recording these memories for you is what I love and do best. I am a baby photographer with over ten years’ experience in creating beautiful, natural portraits of babies and toddlers in their homes, on location or in my studio in Basingstoke. I regularly visit my clients in London, Richmond, Winchester, Southampton, Newbury, Reading, Guildford and anywhere in between.

Newborn photography

Natural baby photography

My baby photography style is all about simplicity and emotion.

It’s about holding on to the memories that matter. Those first toothless smiles. His first beloved teddy. Cuddle time snuggled in bed with Mummy and Daddy. Soon she’ll be taking her first steps out in the big wide world. His personality is developing fast, as are his abilities.

Your baby’s first portraits will reflect all of this and so much more.

Baby portraits at home

Perhaps your baby is still very young, it’s too cold to be outside,
or my studio is a little too far…

… or simply because your home is your castle.

Let me in for a day – you’ll love the results.

Newborn photography
Newborn photography

Natural light baby photography

I use almost exclusively natural light for my baby portraits. There’s nothing quite like it – soulful and intimate, just like the love in your family. Not to mention, the gorgeous reflections it creates in your baby’s eyes!

Take a look at my full baby and toddler portrait portfolio to see how I use light, colour, textures and locations for portraits of babies and younger children.

Love notes

(It’s mutual!)

We love Cristina’s work so much that we quite honestly can barely live without it!

Thanks to her amazing talent we have the most breathtaking and heartwarming photographic memories adorning our walls to keep forever… and I know there will be many more to come.

Cristina is a miracle worker with children and will go to amazing lengths to amuse them for a fantastic shot.

Every time I receive her photos, they are honestly so touching they make me shed more than just a tear. I have no idea how she does it, but she does it… and we love her for it.

Sara-Jayne, Romsey, Hampshire

Cristina has done three sessions with my little family. Two sessions which were included in my “Bump to Baby” package and one session when my son was older.

I cannot recommend her enough. We found her insightful about her location choices and very talented with her lens.

She has beautifully captured moments in our lives that were fleeting, and I am so pleased that I took the plunge and booked her!

Vanessa, Basingstoke, Hampshire

A photoshoot from Cristina was the best present ever… We would never have thought of using a professional photographer ourselves, especially at such busy times when planning for the arrival a first baby, but we were sooo lucky to be offered by our family both some pregnancy and newborn photoshoots from Cristina.

The photoshoots, both outdoors and indoors, are stunning, very artistic and touching, and will be forever beautiful memories for us and our daughter. Cristina is not only a talented photographer, she also has all the qualities to make the whole process feel easy and comfortable, even with a baby who couldn’t stop crying! I look forward to working with her again.

Aurelie, London

Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to book a baby photo session?
If your baby is past the newborn stage (first 2-3 weeks of life), I usually recommend to wait until he/she is around 3-4 months old to schedule your photo shoot. This is because, by that age, your baby is usually stronger, holding his/her head up, smiling big smiles and enjoying close-up interaction with Mummy and Daddy. As they get closer and closer to their first year, there will be an even greater range of expressions and activities to capture – exploring on all fours, sitting, those first steps.
How long will the photo shoot take?
My family photo shoots always flow at the children’s pace. I never put a time limit to the time we spend together, because it is important that both you and your children get to know me and feel comfortable around me, before the camera even comes out!

Most outdoor photo sessions take the form of a walk around the your chosen location. We will spend time playing, chatting and exploring, while I capture the day’s events as they unfold. We will take breaks whenever the children need them – snacks and drinks will definitely come in handy.

Indoors, we will shoot in your living space, where you and your children feel most comfortable. In-home sessions have been known to involve jumping on the bed, sofa cuddles, quiet time reading a book or even bath time!

On average, a children’s photo shoot will take between 1.5 and 3 hours. The length of baby sessions depends on your baby’s age – under six months, little ones can get tired quite easily. I always ensure that I adapt the pace of the shoot to your family’s unique needs.

What should we wear at the shoot?
Think texture and personality. I know there’s so much more to you than chinos and a white shirt. You are unique individuals and the greatest part is, when you’re together in a single image, you still blend as a family. For your family photography shoot, everyone should be in the same style – all formal or all casual. Stick with similar or complementary color tones and fabrics (i.e., everyone in pastels or deep tones).

I like children to have at least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities, like a hat or a fun t-shirt under a jacket or cool shoes. Need some help? No problem. You are welcome to bring your favourites (plus shoes, hats, tights, scarves, accessories) and we’ll piece outfits together. I love bold colors and patterns, but recommend that you avoid logos, large writing or cartoon characters. Think spots, stripes, childlike, cheerful, happy, bright, fun.

Choose fabrics with lots of texture (sweaters, denim, knits). Layers add interest and depth to an image, so pair up short/long-sleeved shirts, wear a jacket, put leggings under skirts and dresses, etc. I like a simple look, too – a flowing, white dress or a white t-shirt and jeans.

For more inspiration, visit this nifty Pinterest board I maintain with the latest photo styles of the season!

What happens if it rains or my child is sick?
I would never want to photograph someone who wasn’t feeling 100%. If one of your party becomes ill, please call as soon as possible and we will reschedule.

I always monitor the weather prior to an outdoors photo shoot – we are in England after all! A light, intermittent drizzle may be workable and even desirable – wellies, colourful raincoats and rain coats are all excellent props – as are muddy puddles! On other occasions, it may be necessary to reschedule, for example if it is too windy, cold or in case of strong rain.

When/how can we see our pictures?
Your images will be ready to view approximately two to three weeks after your session. I will invite you back to the the studio, where you will be able to see your images on a big screen and be plied with coffee and cake while we chat about your plans for the images in a completely pressure-free environment.

With so many display ideas at your fingertips, this is the ideal opportunity to create a striking wall art arrangements for your home or choose a bespoke heirloom album for your portraits. Alternatively, you may view and purchase your portraits online, through a password-protected gallery. This very convenient solution is perfect for digital products.

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